This upbeat 7-week comprehensive series was recorded during live classes for the feeling of being in a group setting, from the comfort of your own home! The course objectives include:

  • Increased appreciation of the body’s innate wisdom and deepening the understanding of the physiological process of birth

  • A thorough set of comfort tools and strategies for labor and birth, as well as mental preparation through a coping mindset

  • Feeling more confident in making decisions for your care, as well as options/possible paths for labor

  • Being more empowered with skills moving forward beyond the birth process!

About your Instructor

Mandi Campbell is a Birth Doula who has supported over 500 births since starting her practice in 2007 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

She believes that birth is not just a one-day event... it's a physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

This is why Mandi feels passionate about giving families the confidence to trust they are starting their childbirth journey safely! 

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction / Hormones

    1. Early & Active Labor

    1. Transition & Pushing

    1. Coping Mindset / Comfort Tools Exploration

    1. Navigating Interventions

    1. Labor Review / Rehearsal

About this course

  • $200.00
  • 7 lessons
  • 11.5 hours of video content